two university of iowa commercials

Two University of Iowa Commercials. 1) Kurt Vonnegut is recognized by all as one of the best American novelists of the 20th century.  In the early 1990s, I produced this national commercial for the University of Iowa, where he once taught.  To create the spot, I wrote with Kurt and edited his copy, then filmed his on-camera performance in New York City.
2) In 1991, the University of Iowa’s football team went to the Rose Bowl, so they needed a 60-second filmed TV commercial for the telecast.  I was commissioned to do the project, and Iowa told me they wanted to showcase their fine arts program.  Working in the UI sound studio, I first produced a recording of the University’s string quartet, tailored to 58 seconds.  Then we shot film on site and edited it in Hollywood, California.  There was no narration.  The resulting production was the first national commercial ever to combine color cinematography with black and white images, essentially a classical music video that loses nothing with time.
Produced and Directed by Tim Schumacher