tim has written songs for the following artists/cds

Links are provided for most artists to take you to websites where you may purchase the following CDs.  These CDs are not sold on Tim’s website.

The Bellamy Brothers:  Let Your Love Flow, The Ultimate Bellamy Brothers Collection

The best of The Bellamy Brothers is now in a four-disc set, including a song written by Tim Schumacher on disk three, called “Mexico Came Here.” The legendary duo have teamed up with Reader’s Digest for the release of ‘Let Your Love Flow: The Ultimate Bellamy Brothers Collection.’ The 60-song compilation covers everything from the brothers’ biggest hits to never-before-released tracks.

Listen to Tim’s song, “Mexico Came Here“.

Purchase the collection here.

Craig Donaldson: Hang In The Balance, Morillon Records

  1. Somehow
  2. Make Each Moment
  3. A Soldier’s Mother
  4. Hang In The Balance
  5. For The Life Of Me
  6. Colorado Ride
  7. That Would Be Me
  8. Moon River
  9. My Heart’s In The Right Place
  10. A Soldier’s Mother, Reprise

Tim wrote: Make Each Moment; Colorado Ride; and That Would Be Me.

To purchase cd, or to listen to songs: www.morillonrecords.com

Craig Donaldson: You’ll Never Get Away With It,  Morillon Records

1 We Dance and Sing
2 Beautiful
3 On the Highway
4 You’ll Never Get Away With It
5 Arizona
6 Moonlight Marvel
7 Waitin’ for a Slow Song
8 Cheaters
9 What She’s Doin’ Tonight
10 L.A. Shuffle

Tim co-wrote Dance and Sing and Beautiful with David Sisson, and Moonlight Marvel, Waiting For A Slow Song, Cheaters, What She’s Doin Tonight, and The LA Shuffle with Craig.

To purchase cd, or to listen to songs: www.morillonrecords.com

Eric Heatherly: Swimming in Champagne,  Mercury/Nashville

  1. Someone Else’s Cadillac
  2. I Just Break ‘Em
  3. Didn’t Mean a Thing
  4. One Night
  5. Why Don’t Cha
  6. Let Me
  7. Swimming in Champagne
  8. Wrong Five O’Clock
  9. Freedom Chain
  10. She’s So Hot

Tim Schumacher wrote the second song, “I Just Break ‘Em.”  Visit Eric’s Myspace PageOrder the cd.

Wickety Wak: New Horizons, EMI

Tim cowrote the hit “Moonlight Marvel” with Craig Donaldson.

Their website: www.wicketywak.com

Rye Murphey: Miracle Street

1. Sunlight
2. Bluebonnets
3. Head Above Water
4. Falling Out
5. Marigold
6. I Will Find You
7. When She Gets There
8. Magnolia
9. Open Up The Sky
10. Turn Back

Listen to and order songs by Rye Murphey at:

Heidi Talbot:  In Love + Light

Click title link above to order this CD

1. If You Stay
2. Cathedrals
3. Invisible
4. Bedlam boys
5. Time
6. Glenlogie
7. Music Tree
8. Parting Song
9. The Blackest Crow
10. Everything
11. Whispering Grass
12. When they ring the golden bells

Listen to the song Tim wrote, If You Stay, on Heidi’s website:

Simon Bruce: Restless Thoughts

Click title link above to order this CD.

1. Holy Grail
2. Turn Myself To Driftin’
3. Too Late Now
4. Rainbow Hotel
5. Restless Thoughts
6. If You Stay
7. What Scares You Tonight?
8. Never Say Good-Bye
9. Crazy Like The Wind
10. Young & Free
11. Peaceful
12. Final Straw

Visit Simon’s website: simonbruce.com
or Simon’s MySpace:

Jesse and Noah: Nowhere Revisited

Click title link above to order this CD.

1. Daddy’s Got A Shotgun
2. Wild And Willin’
3. I’m All About You
4. You’re The World
5. Drivin’ Nowhere
6. Santa Ana Winds
7. Faster Horses
8. Spirit Road
9. Soul Food
10. Every Day’s A Revolution
11. Tumblin’ Down
12. You Got The Wrong Number
13. You Can Always Count On Me (To Let You Down)
14. The Best Thing I’ll Never Know

Visit their website: jesseandnoah.com

Jesse and Noah: LandFall

Click title link above to order this CD.

1. Tow Truck
2. Tryin’ To Keep It Real
3. Waiting On An Echo
4. Buried In Blue Jeans
5. Crackerjack Heart
6. First Call After Last Call
7. Landfall
8. If I Were You
9. Dirty With A Southern Drawl
10. Sunny Weather With You
11. No Expiration
12. Won’t Give In

Tim co-wrote Tryin’ To Keep It Real and Landfall.

Visit their website: jesseandnoah.com