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  1. Something More
  2. 23A
  3. All’s Right With The World
  4. State Street, USA
  5. I’ll Forget About You (guest vocal – Erica Alexander)
  6. I’m Just Real Good
  7. When I Was Me
  8. The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  9. A Hymn For Timothy
  10. More Than You Will Ever Know (Guest Vocal – Eric Heatherly)
  11. Only Shootin’ Through
  12. Roses
  13. Starlite Rambler
  14. The 4th Of July
  15. A Little Bitta Magic (Guest Vocal – LaTresa Hester)
  16. Send Me The Dreamer
  17. Landfall
  18. Everywhere But Home

praise for roses

I only had the chance yesterday to get into the Roses CD package you sent me. First let me say that you had me from the first songs, brought me to tears, this is a project to be proud of. I love your vocals, the production, the musicians are some of my favorites, and the songs are outstanding. The packaging, photography and art design is great. I hope you have great success with marketing it.

Wood Newton – SongWriter (Riding With Private Malone),
Publisher, Producer – Nashville

Music: Tim Schumacher – Roses
A word paints a thousand pictures. Don’t believe it? Give Roses and The Boulevard of Broken Dreams a listen. “The sun goes down behind vermillion palm trees, A crescent moon hangs in the skies, Neon kisses city streets til merchants bolt the doors and cut the lights, And then shadows rise”…
Get the picture? What’s that? He ain’t country? Well not like totally. He can be when he wants to though and proves it in More Than You Will Ever Know, a tune right up there with anything you’ll find on any country radio dial. Don’t go looking for a box to put him in because you won’t find it. He’s soft rock, soft pop, poetry with a beat, alternative if you must, country, folk, and whatever pops your pistol.
These songs, these arrangements, these back-up players nailed a concept that was mixed to perfection and sounds alive. This stuff ain’t for the pop tart generation, however, these songs were written by someone who’s lived a little, who has been there and done that and then some. Every song is like a box of chocolates. People, this guy is good. If you don’t believe me just let him break it all down for you on track 6, I’m Just Real Good. Now put on your cans, close your eyes, and get lost in a world of Roses.

Fred Chaudier – The Whitaker Songwriter

I have been listening to Roses in my truck as I drive around the city. I’m impressed with the album. I clearly hear your voice in the words, your honest emotions, your morality.
The song that stuck me most is Send Me The Dreamer. Everything comes together there. Your voice fits the song. Such a heartfelt performance. I love how your words painted the dreamer, certainly a gal that would take my heart. I must confess that tears came to my eyes when I played that cut. And I’ve played it over and over. I found myself humming it as I was shopping today. I also found myself thinking that not only is the gal a dreamer, but so is the balladeer, and so am I, the listener.

Neal Brown – Director of Photography, Los Angeles

Your CD Roses is magnificent … I’ve played it a lot since you sent it. Thanks for making it. There are so many great songs on it. I’ll turn to it often … it helps me get through.

Jim Stephens – Songwriter, Nashville

Something More
– a really strong ballad…
State Street, USA – a pretty commercial country tempo tune…
I’ll Forget About You – excellent tune, one of Schumacher’s best…
The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – LA noir
Roses – this is the sort of song Tim does best, real poems about loners, the diehard romantics trying to come to terms with a world that doesn’t get ‘em…
Everywhere But Home
– very appropriate closing song, a musical farewell

Phil Sweetland, Music and Radio contributor, The New York Times
Publisher, Country Insider eNewsletter of Country Radio