film and video: what the critics are saying:

“Tim, you have consistently gone above and beyond the standards of professionalism and client service.  Your commitment to quality produced a superior program with a convincing message wrapped in a wonderfully entertaining package.  Those who viewed our video claimed it was a major ingredient in their decision to give.  I would gladly use your services again on any future project.”

John Naber – Olympic Champion
NBC & ESPN Commentator
Chairman of the Board
Rosebowl  Aquatics  Center

The Maryville College show was the best of its kind I’ve ever seen.”

Lamar Alexander
U.S. Senator, Tennessee

“We launched The Campaign for Dominican University at a gala celebration at the Chicago Historical Society last week.  Everyone I spoke to during and after the evening all raved about the video presentation.  It was exactly on target, says all of the right things about the University and speaks very well to our mission.  Sisters Clemente, Melissa and Janet were so thrilled about the final production they are telling everyone just how much they love it.  Tim, this one is going to be a great winner for us and our alums.  It is such an inspiring piece.  You and all of the folks in California, Chicago and Tennessee are to be congratulated for a great job!  Many thanks for your talented eye and sound judgement.”

Stephen R. Kuhn
Executive Vice President for Development
Dominican University

“Your editing made my writing better.”

Kurt Vonnegut – Novelist
Slaughterhouse Five, Cat’s Cradle, Breakfast of Champions

“Partnering with a seasoned professional like Tim Schumacher enables me to deliver first-rate, carefully crafted videos to my clients.  As a marketing consultant for non-profits, I deeply value Tim’s ability to tell the story of these mission-driven organizations.”

Carlee Drummer, Ph.D.
Vice President,
Lipman Hearne, Chicago

“Tim, I must tell you that this campaign’s kickoff was one of the most successful with which I have ever been associated.  There are numerous reasons for this, a major one of which was the video.  It was an immense hit!  Truly, kudos to all who had anything to do with it!  In over 18 years of campaigning, the Murray State University project produced probably the most compelling campaign video with which I have been associated.  In fact, my supervisor will be here Wednesday of this week for his monthly visit.  I am certain he will select our video to be shown as one of the best of the year to date.  I’ll encourage him to add your firm’s name to our list of recommended vendors that we share with our clients.  Here’s hoping we don’t lose total contact with you!  Cheers…”

Richard Taylor
Fundraising Consultant
Ketchum and Associates

“The work done by Tim Schumacher is second to none.  The basketball video he produced is of the highest quality – the finest of its kind that I have seen.  I attribute a great deal of my success in recruiting to that video.  The work was slick, exciting, colorful…definitely the best there is.  I would work with Tim again in a minute.”

C. Vivian Stringer
Women’s Basketball Coach
Rutgers University

“I am very happy to have this opportunity to let you know how well-received the video you prepared for us has been.  We continue to use it in many ways for our endowment campaign.”

Monseigneur Lawrence M. Purcell – Rector
The North American College, Rome

“Creativity, originality and the accurate portrayal of the client’s culture are hallmarks of Tim Schumacher’s video productions.  His campaign videos do an excellent job of rendering the mission, culture, and priorities of institutions, effectively touching the hearts and minds of the donors they desire to influence.”

Douglas D. Mason – Partner
Gonser Gerber Tinker Stuhr, LLP
Naperville, IL

“This is a wonderful product we’ve produced together.  I’ll cherish it, always, and I’m looking forward to the times we can get together just as friends.”

Dr. Bob Woodroof
Associate Professor Emeritus – Public Relations
Pepperdine University

“In 3 key assignments, I’ve had the good fortune to use Tim’s services, and the work was instrumental in making my campaigns a success.  I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

James Bastis – Development Director
The San Diego Symphony

“Tim -The video was top-notch.  It did everything we could have hoped for and helped us end the evening on a powerful note.  It reduced both Janet Jackson and the Campaign Chair to tears.  We’ve heard nothing but praise from all who have seen it.  I was especially pleased with the original music and the way it lifted up the fine camera work.  Not every videographer I’ve worked with has your same high standards or attention to detail.  Thanks for the blood, sweat, tears, and toil that went into the production.  Think of it as a little Lutheran mission work.”

Chuck Dominick
Vice President for University Advancement
Wittenberg University

“You have a real comic talent that also touches the heart – a great combination.  Thanks again for the lovely film.  Happy everything.”

Paul Mazursky – Film Director/Writer
Harry and Tonto, Down and Out In Beverly Hills, Moon Over Parador

“The word here, after many showings of the video to a variety of viewers, is overwhelming approval.”

Tammy Frank – Sports Information Director
The University of Iowa

“I was very happy when I first saw our capital campaign show.  However, it was after watching it for the 300th time – and still managing to enjoy it – that I realized what an excellent job you had done for us.”

Mark Kasky
Executive Director
Fort Mason National Park

“I have thought of you many times over the last few weeks as I have played the DVD for 55 employee presentations in the last 2 ½ weeks.  It really is a wonderful product.  So well edited and perfect in so many ways.”

Sally Grant, CRFE
Director of Annual Giving
The John Muir Medical Center Foundation